List of Sea Animals

Explore the colorful marine life that inhabit the oceans and are reliant on the sea for food. Browse the pages dedicated to different types of sea animals and find out exciting details about the unique features of those multifarious animal species.

Marine Vertebrates

Marine vertebrates make up 4% of marine animal life and have a characteristic internal skeleton. They include mammals and non mammals. The 120 species of marine mammals are grouped into five clusters.


Whales, dolphins and porpoises constitute this class. The order comprises around 90 species 86 of which are marine animals. The remaining 4 dolphin species live in freshwater.


This order evolved around 50 million years back. It comprises of entirely aquatic herbivorous mammals like manatees and dugong. They have low metabolic rates and poor adaptability to cold water.


They are semi aquatic and include walruses, eared and fur seals, sea lions and earless seals. They are characterized by short wide flat flipper limbs.


This class of marine mammals called weasel family appeared on Earth around 40 million years back. They are carnivorous.


They include polar bears. They are natives of the Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas.

Other marine vertebrates


They are cold blooded aquatic vertebrates with fins and scales on their body. Marine fish species include gulpers, sharks and anglerfish.

Marine invertebrates

Marine invertebrates do not feature any back bone. They include jelly fish, corals, sea worms, snails, barnacles, shrimps, crabs, mollusks, sponges and squids. Bryozoa or moss animals are invertebrate colonial microscopic sea animals.

Some Facts

Whales, dolphins and porpoises have amazingly high intelligence levels.

The hippopotamus is the nearest living relative of the cetaceans.

The sea otter has the densest fur of any animal. It uses rocks to break open shell fish to eat.

Sharks’ teeth are so hard that they can cut through steel cables. The front teeth are replaced with new teeth from the back.

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