List of Reptiles

Enter the amazing world of reptiles as you bwose through out reptiles section. You will find interesting verities about diverse reptiles in this segment. Reptiles are vertebrae- they possess a backbone. These cold blooded animals have lungs. After internal fertilization they lay amniotic eggs and develop directly sans larval forms. They have dry skin with scales. The 8225 reptile species are grouped under four major classes.


The 23 known Crocodilian species are found in the habitats of North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. They include crocodiles, alligators, gharials and caimans.


This class consists of only 2 species of the Tuatara which are found in archipelagos of the coast of New Zealand. It looks like a large lizard and is the sole survivor amidst the primitive reptiles.


This class of reptiles features a prodigious 8000 species of lizards, snakes and worm lizards. This class comprises almost 95% of today’s living reptile population. Lizards are separated into the sub order-sauria.


Testudines is the order of around 3000 known turtle and tortoise species. They have a characteristic shell covering.

More facts about reptiles

The extinct dinosaurs, pterosaurs or pterodactyls were earlier regarded as reptile species. Now they are considered warm blooded, hence it is proposed to transfer them from the reptilian order to appropriate classes.

Reptiles possess the ability to breathe while chewing because their food and air passage ways are separated by a partial or complete partition.

Reptiles inhabit every continent of the world except Antarctica.

Reptile as pets

Reptile pets are called exotic pets. Check out whether keeping a particular reptile as pet is legal in your area. Choose healthy captive bred reptiles as pets.

Reptile pets spread the fatal Salmonella infection. It can be minimized by ensuring hygienic environments.

Ensure your pet reptile gets adequate heat and light using superior thermal gradient equipments like basking light, spotlight, and incandescent lamps or under tank heat pads/tape.

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