List of Insects

The insect pages will enrich your knowledge about the innumerable species of insects. Uncover astonishing facts about the class insecta which is the largest order of arthropods-animals with jointed limbs. Insects are the only arthropods with wings.

The 30 million insect species can be sub divided into 2 classes that has a total of 29 orders.


These wingless insects feature young stages that resemble adults- they undergo little or no metamorphosis. They include Bristletails, two pronged bristletails, protura and springtails.


It can be subdivided into two categories.


These insects feature wings. A few which currently lack wings are species which had wings at some point of time during their evolution. The young ones-nymphs- resemble adults; however their sizes are diminutive and they lack wings. These insects are marked by the presence of simple metamorphosis where wings grow externally. Lice, cockroaches, crickets, grasshoppers, dragonflies and stone flies are few instances.


These insects possess wings. A few which currently lack wings had wings at some point of time during their evolution. They undergo complex metamorphosis- this means the young ones are different from adults; they are called larvae. Larvae develop into full adults in a non feeding chrysalis/pupa stage. The wings grow inside the undeveloped insect’s body. They include beetles, bees, butterflies, moths and fleas to name a few.

Some Facts

Insects represent 90% of the diverse life forms on Earth.

The diversity of insects is maximum at the equator and tapers out as you move towards the poles.

Night butterflies have ears on their wings to safeguard themselves from bats.

Honey bees are the only insects that make food for humans.

Fried spiders taste like nuts.

A cockroach can grow another leg if it breaks one.

A cockroach can survive for 9 days without its head.

Ants have a sense of smell as keen as that of a dog.

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