List of Horses

Our web venue will enrich your knowledge about horses, the premium member of the Equidae family. Gain more insight about multifarious horse breeds, physiology, horse behavior, training and care requirements.

The 300 known horse breeds can be classified into different groups.

Light riding breeds

Light horse breeds like Arabian, Appaloosa, Quarter horse etc are tall, glossy and swift warm bloods used for riding and cattle herding or carriage pulling.

Race breeds

Race breeds are energetic hot-blooded blazing fast horses. Standardbreds are famed for their rapidity at harness racing.

Ponies and miniatures

Ponies and miniature breeds like Shetland or Welsh ponies are characterized by their mild nature and diminutive size. They are robust and make ideal pets for children.

Heavy horses

Heavy horses like the Percheron and the Lipizzaner breeds are muscular and sturdy cold-bloods with patient calm temperament. They are used by the military and the constabulary and do heavy work at farms.


Mule and hinny are crossbreeds of mare and jack and the stallion and jenny respectively.

Fun Horse facts

Horses were first domesticated in Ukraine and Kazakhstan in the 3500BC-4000BC.

The Przewalski’s Horse or the Mongolian horse is the only truly wild horse existing today.

Therapeutic horse riding is used to provide mental and physical motivation to disabled people.

Most hybrids of horses and other Equidae members are sterile and cannot produce progeny.

Domesticated horse facts

An average adult horse requires 25 pounds of food a day of which at least 50% should comprise of forage from hay/pasture. Grains may be fed if the animal is exercised extremely.

Provide your horse with 10-12 US gallons of water everyday. The stable for the horse should be well screened from wind and rain. To ensure your horse’s good health make sure he/she is exercised adequately, is groomed perfectly, is vaccinated and undergoes dental examinations from an equine dentist. Hoof care by a farrier is also indispensable.

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