List of Fishes


The web pages dedicated to fishes will help you in gathering knowledge about diverse fish species that inhabit saline and fresh water bodies, mountain streams and the greatest depths of oceans on Earth.

The world of fishes can be classified into three orders.


These are jawless fishes like the Lampreys that inhabit coastal waters and Hagfishes that populate deep marine waters.


These are fishes with a cartilage skeleton. They include sharks, rays, skates and stingrays.


They are fishes with a bony skeleton. They include lungfishes, reed fishes, Lady Fishes, Eels, Herrings etc.

Fun fish varieties

The cichlid fishes found exclusively in Lake Victoria became extinct in the 1960s when the exotic species- Nile Perch- released into the lake devoured them.

Pallid Sturgeon, a North American freshwater fish species has become endangered because of habitat alteration by humans.

The world’s biggest fish- the whale shark has been classified as vulnerable specials due to low survival rates.

There Cleaner fish species like wrasses, cichlids, catfish, gobies and cleaner shrimp varieties perform exfoliation and parasite elimination for hosts.

The saber toothed blenny is a counterfeit cleaner fish that feeds on healthy scales and mucous of its hosts.

Pet fish facts

You can perform recreational fish keeping in garden ponds and aquariums.

Freshwater fish aquariums can provide habitat to fresh water fish species like goldfish, guppies, catfish, cichlids, characin, kill fish and angelfish.

Marine aquariums are expensive to maintain but look attractive with the marine fish species like corals and coral reef.

Mollies, gobies, puffer fish, scats, monos and freshwater soles are reared in Brackish water aquaria that have water salinity levels between that of freshwater and sea water. Try to maintain balance in the aquarium ecosystem by using large tanks filled with large volume of water for systemic shock resilience.

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