List of Dogs



The dogs’ fact sheet of our web venue has an in-depth coverage of different dog breeds, their physiology, behavior, training and fun facts about dog nutrition, health and care. It’s the ideal venue to refer to while choosing the breed of your pet dog.


Dog breeds can be grouped under different classifications.


Companion Dogs


The smaller breeds known as miniature/toy breeds/ sleeve/pocket or lap dogs are the main companion dogs that miss people quickly. They are friendly housedogs suited for indoor lives. Not being too strong they need to be protected.


Sporting Dogs


The sporting breeds of dogs are energetic, vigilant and have a sturdy body with impermeable coats. They are suited for hunting in all weather conditions.


Working Dogs


These strong and courageous breeds are responsive to training for pulling carts or guarding/rescueing people. They also include police dogs that assist the constabulary in public order enforcement, tracking suspects and illicit substances and cadaver detection.


Herding dogs


The breeds in this group are trained to control sheep flocks. Serious and active these dogs guard people and their property well.


Some Fun Dog Varieties


It is true that some dog breeds are more dangerous than others. Pit bulls, game dogs and the large dog breeds like Doberman have given evidence of terrifying attacks and aggressive behavior.


Rin Tin was the first American dog movie star.


Two of the survivors of the Titanic were dogs- a Pekingese and a Pomeranian.


Barry-a St Bernard who lived in the 1800s was a mountain rescue dog that saved 40 lives.


Pet Facts


It is imperative to keep your pet dog securely leashed at all times so that you have full control/supervision over him/her. This will prevent dog bites substantially.


Train puppies bite inhibition and ensure they have good socializing experiences.


Exercise your dog to ventilate his/her energies and prevent frustration attacks.


You will find more such information browsing through the sections dedicated to different dog species.


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