List of Cats


WE present a detailed discussion about different variety of cat species at our web venue. We provide interesting information about diverse cat breeds, along with their physical character, personality and health care facts. The section has detailed information on domesticated and feral cats.


The cat breeds can be classified on the basis of their body structure.


Oriental cats


They have an extended slim build and an exquisite face featuring almond shaped eyes, large ears and a long nose. Examples are Siamese and Oriental shorthair breeds.


Cobby cats


They are characterized by a short, brawny and tamped body frame with exotic face traits like round eyes, dumpy nose and puny ears. They include Persian and exotic breeds.


Semi Cobby cats


These cat breeds such as the American and British shorthair breeds are not as chunky as Cobby cats but retain their rotundity attribute.


Foreign cats


They are cats with a sporty and petite build, though not as slim as the Oriental cats. They include the Abyssinian cat and Turkish Angora.


Semi Foreign cats


Typical examples of semi foreign cats are the Egyptian Mau and the Devon Rex. These cats are lean and not at all burly.


Fun feline facts


The earliest association of humans and cats can be traced back to ancient Egypt.


White cats have a full white coat due to inadequate skin melanocytes. If they have one or two blue eyes, they are generally deaf.


Cat and myth are probably synonamous with each other. Black cats are probably the king/queen of myths related to cats.


Pet cat facts


Bathe your pet cat weekly as this reduces cat dander in the indoor atmosphere by almost 90% and alleviates dander caused allergy.


Provide a scratching post of sisal rope or corrugated cardboard for your pet cat to reduce furniture and carpet scratching.


Provide your cat with a litter box; monitor and clean it daily for your cat’s good health.

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