List of Birds



The pages dedicated to birds will offer you intersting facts about the diverse bird species, their physical characteristics and behavior. Learn about bird species that can be reared at home as pets. Birds are warm blooded vertebrates’ characterized by wings, bipedal and oviparous feature.


The 10,000 odd known species of modern birds can be classified into 2 main classes.




The 49 bird species in this order have a palate anatomy that is very primeval and reptilian.

This order includes 2 sub orders

– Struthioniformes like ostriches, emus, kiwis and allies.

-The Tinamiformes order including Tinamous species.




This order has around 10000 species of birds which are grouped into 27 sub orders. Bird species in this class include waterfowl,  albatrosses, nightjars, wood peckers and kingfishers to name a few.


Fun bird facts


Bird spend 9% of their time everyday on preening and grooming their feathers


About 60 living birds are flightless. They are generally found on desolate islands where land predators are not present and resources are restricted.


The Bar Tailed Godwit has the longest flight range of 10,200 km for migration among land birds.


The Sooty Shearwater has the longest flight range of 64000km for migration among sea birds.


Pet bird care


The bird’s cage must be large enough to enable it to flap its wings to exercise them and allow slight flights.


If you have a pet parrot provide him with swings and natural perches on the cage so that his toe muscles are exercised.


Cuttle bones provide the bird calcium and a beak trimming opportunity. A bath on the cage floor and 2-3 times of misting a week is great for birds.


Spend some time with your bird everyday. You should feed your bird with or bird feed mixes, formulations or seeds along with supplements like sprouted seeds, fruits and vegetables.

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